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Assistants to Infancy Seminars

The last (of four) seminars for the participants in the Training of Trainers Programme at the Assistants to Infancy Level was held in Amsterdam. They loved their time at AMI, did a lot of hard work, but also enjoyed some delicious sunshine lunches in the garden. On the final day of the seminar there was an official moment in Maria Montessori’s study where the three trainers responsible (Judi Orion, Maria Teresa Vidales, and Patricia Wallner) made a lovely presentation to the participants, and gave them their “certificate of completion” indicating they had attended all four seminar sessions. At the moment the participants are working hard on the other aspects of their training before the title AMI trainer can justly be conferred on them. Good luck with the last stretch of your studies.

Based on the success of the seminars of the Training of Trainers Programme so far the Training Group is pleased to announce six Elementary Seminars at the Washington Montessori Institute at Loyola University, Baltimore, USA starting in October 2013 and six Primary Seminars to be held in Hyderabad, India starting in December 2013.