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Asociace Montessori CR

The goal of Association Montessori CR is to unify and support physical and legal persons in the CR who share pedagogical and educational principles postulated by Maria Montessori - principles of natural and respectful education and approach to human beings, principles of democracy, freedom and equality. AM CR provides these persons and organizations wide scope of services by which it supports their own activities and development.

The goal of Association Montessori is to support care for children and youth, their upbringing and education, to support life of families and all its members, to support socially and otherwise under-privileged groups of people, to support community and community life, harmonization and balancing of professional and family live, gender and other equality, develop inclusion in the society and equal rights of women and men.

For the purpose of carrying out its mission, our organization provides platform for sharing of knowledge and knowhow and experience in the CR with international community of like minded organizations and physical persons.