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Association Montessori Morocco

Association Montessori Morocco (AMM) has been established in April 2016, and is playing a decisive role in the promotion of authentic Montessori in this region of the world.

AMM has been active in establishing relationships with the ministry of education, and simultaneously, working to inspire them into believing that Montessori can be established even with the most disadvantaged children, through various actions it has piloted.

AMM has established Montessori environments in an orphanage, providing a physical environment as well as preparing the adults through training and observation in Ecole Montessori Casablanca.

Through AMM’s partnership with the Zakoura Foundation, AMM is applying Montessori principles and objectives to their preschool model. This model is being applied to 500 preschools across the rural regions of Morocco. This comes as a rightful response to Morocco's rural realities, which require an educational method that can provide an individualized education in a mixed age community.

As a response to Montessori’s popularity and need for training, AMM is organizing the first AMI Primary Assistants course in August 2016.