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Friends of AMI NIPPON

In March 2012, Friends of AMI NIPPON (FAN) was established in Kanagawa, Japan as a General Incorporated Association and in April 2013, it became an official Affiliated Society of AMI. Our purpose is to maintain and promote the educational philosophy and practice developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in Japan as well as for the larger community of the world.

In order to reach these purposes, our work include:

1) Recruit more members of FAN and support them becoming members of AMI.

2) Translation Services:

* Publications from AMI: FAN translates almost all publications from AMI (such as the e-Bulletins, President’s letter, and other newsletters).

* Books: FAN has gained the permission from AMI to translate 11 books (10 booklets and “1946 London Lectures”) written by Dr. Montessori and Mario Montessori. We hope to finish all 11 books by the end of 2018. Our first book “The Human Tendencies and Montessori Education” written by Mario Montessori was just published in June this year, and they are now on sale in Japan.

* Other translation services include: FAN also provides translators for the Courses (if it is given in English) as well as for the International Montessori Conferences such as in Portland 2013 and we are planning to recruit more translators for the upcoming Prague Congress in 2017 as well.

2) Support AMI teacher training courses (0-3 next year in 2017), and Assistants courses.

3) Bi-monthly e-newsletters to all FAN members.

4) Provide a monthly “One-coin workshop” (500 Yen) to anyone interested in Montessori can join.

This workshop has activities that include:

Workshops on making Mobiles and Toys for Home and NIDO.

Visiting schools as well as Matsumoto Manufactures in Osaka

Lectures on Religion and DVD showing

5) Dispatching lecturers: FAN sends out lecturer(s) to PTA meetings and Schools and local communities on demand.