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Serbian Montessori Association

Serbian Montessori Association was founded with the aim to promote Montessori pedagogy and quality Montessori education, based on authentic work of Dr. Maria Montessori, in Serbia.

The Association started activities on disseminating information about quality Montessori education and the importance of proper development from birth to adolescence through web sites for 0 - 3, 3 - 6 and 6 - 12/15 in Serbian.

Publishing Dr. Montessori`s books in Serbian will provide parents, teachers and experts an opportunity to read Montessori in their own language. “Discovery of the Child” is the first book SMA is working on.

Several seminars related to Montessori for 0 to 3, and 3 to 6 were organized and more are planned for the future. Seminars for 6 to 12 are part of governmental program for improvement of teacher`s competencies. Seminars serve as preparation for establishing future AMI Training Center in Belgrade and providing affordable quality Montessori training in Serbia and the region in the future.

Serbian Montessori Association officially became affiliated to AMI in April 2016.