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Sociedad Afiliada Mexico A.C.

SAMAC has 24 associates, of which 13 are Mexican AMI Trainers.

In our General Assembly held in México City, in June 4, 2016, our official Board of Directors were appointed.

We held our XXI Mexican Congress, in Guanajuato, on February 25-27, 2016. The title was "Education, a Shared Task". Speakers involved were: Silvia Dubovoy, Philip O'Brien, Chacha Vidales, Jayne Arellano, J. McKeever, Cecilia Elguero and Eduardo Cuevas. We had 550 participants. During the Congress a special recognition was made to Silvia Dubovoy for her important participation in the Mexican and Global Montessori Movements.

Our XXII Mexican Montessori Congress will be in Mexico City, on the first week of March 2017. The following speakers have confirmed their participation: Judy Orion, Lynne Lawrence, Baiba Grumink and Chacha Vidales.

Our web page is receiving an average of 450 visits per day. The most seen Sections are: Frequent Questions about Montessori; Job Opportunities; Training Centers; Congress; What's Montessori.

SAMAC has been very successful distributing in México and Latin America, the Montessori books published by Pierson in Spanish. Actually we are distributing seven books, the latest being "Il Bambino in Famiglia" translated to Spanish by Guadalupe Borbolla.