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21 Feb 18
AMI/USA President Opening Speech Refresher Course

If you are one of the 1200 people that attended the 2018 Refresher Course & Workshops in Phoenix, AZ and were able to attend the Friday night Keynote Address, you know how inspiring AMI/USA Board President Gretchen Hall’s speech was and so we are happy to share it here.

Keynote Address – Gretchen Hall
AMI/USA Refresher Course
Phoenix, AZ  ...Read more.

04 Jan 18
Montessori Preschool Elevates and Equalizes Child Outcomes: A Longitudinal Study


This was the most viewed of all of 2017 in Frontiers in Psychology (out of over 2000 articles).

The article was also recently covered in US News and World Report and Nursery World.


Click here to read the full article....Read more.

03 Jan 18
60-Hour Success Story ! New Section on AMI Website

AMI Assistants Course programmes - a quintessential 60-hour introductory programme on Montessori education and child development! The target audience are adults working in Montessori environments, parents, carers, school administrators and all others wishing to see more children from all backgrounds enjoy education for life. Come and join one of the 40 + AMI...Read more.

08 Dec 17
Ground Breaking Research

Parent Perceptions of Montessori Education.

SEATTLE, WA: Providers of Montessori education in the U.S. convened at the end of October in Seattle to review groundbreaking research into parent perceptions and identify opportunities for collaboration to increase the accessibility of their teaching method and the impact of its approach....Read more.

16 Nov 17
100 Years Celebrations by Dutch Montessori Society

On 3 November, the Dutch Montessori Society celebrated 100 Years. On this special occasion, AMI Chief of Staff Nico Vasseur (far right) presented some board members of the Dutch Montessori Society with a lovely gift and best wishes for many more years to come from the AMI team.Read more.

14 Nov 17
Maria Montessori - Popular Quotes

"Let the children be free; encourage them; let them run outside when it is raining; let them remove their shoes when they find a puddle of water; and when the grass of the meadows is wet with dew, let them run on it and trample it with their bare feet; let them rest peacefully when a tree invites them to sleep beneath its shade; let them shout and laugh when the...Read more.

03 Nov 17
Workshop at Montessori Center of Minnesota

Jennifer Brush - MA, CCC/SLP is an award-winning Dementia Educator

Last week I taught at the internationally recognized Montessori Center of Minnesota (MCM).  The center has offered high-quality, hands-on training in Dr. Montessori's proven method of education to the world's leading Montessori teachers for more than 40 years. Located in a beautiful...Read more.

23 Oct 17
Maria Montessori - Famous Quotes

"Do not tell them how to do it. Show them how to do it and do not say a word. If you tell them, they will watch your lips move. If you show them, they will want to do it themselves." - Maria MontessoriRead more.

16 Oct 17
Amsterdam: 3rd Assistance Course Completes

The completion of the 3rd Assistance Course in Amsterdam took place Sunday 15th April, 2017. The graduates were invited to recieve their certificates in the Study of Maria Montessori here at the Montessori House.Read more.

13 Oct 17
AMI and Cruyff Football, Introductory Coaching Course.

AMI professionals, together with Cruyff Football, deliver Introductory Coaching Course.

Dates: 23 - 27 October 2017

Location: Assendelft, Netherlands

Course language: English/Dutch

In this Introductory Coaching Course, the basics of Cruyffian football will be highlighted, as well as the key principles of individual talent development. During this five-day course,...Read more.