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16 Oct 17
Amsterdam: 3rd Assistance Course Completes

The completion of the 3rd Assistance Course in Amsterdam took place Sunday 15th April, 2017. The graduates were invited to recieve their certificates in the Study of Maria Montessori here at the Montessori House.Read more.

13 Oct 17
AMI and Cruyff Football, Introductory Coaching Course.

AMI professionals, together with Cruyff Football, deliver Introductory Coaching Course.

Dates: 23 - 27 October 2017

Location: Assendelft, Netherlands

Course language: English/Dutch

In this Introductory Coaching Course, the basics of Cruyffian football will be highlighted, as well as the key principles of individual talent development. During this five-day course,...Read more.

04 Oct 17
First ever 0-3 assistants course - Gambia

The Gambia: First ever 0-3 assistants course with AMI trainer Julia Hilson!

Julia reports a great start, with the students hungry for information and asking excellent questions.

Juilia sent some photos, but notes that there are actually more students than in the photo! To trainer and students alike: do continue having a great time.Read more.

22 Sep 17
Prague Congress, First Videos of Keynotes Uploaded

Want to refresh some of your memories of the International Montessori congress in Prague? The first videos of keynotes have been uploaded and can be watched on the congress website. Enjoy listening again to AMI trainers Carla Foster (6-12 year child and purposeful work) and Irini Fafalios ("we must all - teachers, parents and children - begin to transform and...Read more.

11 Sep 17
AMI Birth to Three: First Time in India

First time in India: AMI Birth to Three Assistants Course with Julia Hilson, in Chennai at Navadisha Montessori! 

27 Nov - 6 Dec 2017. For all details see poster below. Questions? Contact

The intention...Read more.

01 Sep 17
Montessori Harvey Relief Fund

A message from Association Montessori International, USA

As you all know, Hurricane Harvey has devastated the SE Texas region. Many of our Montessori families, staff and children will be impacted by the flooding that has occurred. The Affiliates of AMI in the US are joining together in an effort to coordinate funds and resources...Read more.

29 Aug 17
Maria Montessori Education Foundation Receive Good News from NZQA

Maria Montessori Education Foundation (MMEF) have just received news from NZQA that the Level 7 programme approval and accreditation application has been accepted. 

"This acknowledges the rigour and quality of the AMI 3-6 Diploma and appropriates it accordingly on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework in this country. Thank you to AMI and the training...Read more.

22 Aug 17
Prague Meeting Next Steps for 4 AMI US Affiliated Societies

A meeting took place between the 4 AMI Affiliated Societies from the United States at the International Montessori Congress held in Prague at the end of July 2017. The outcome was a forward looking and positive one culminating in an agreement to align their efforts for the future in order to achieve greater collective impact in the United States. Please see their recent newsletter for more...Read more.

01 Aug 17
29th International Montessori Congress Bangkok, Thailand 16 - 19 July 2021

Welcome Letter from Thailand:

On behalf of Thailand, the Montessori Association of Thailand would like to invite the Association Montessori Internationale to hold it’s 29th International Montessori Congress 2021 in Bangkok. Ours is a world-class convention and exhibition city that offers a wealth of scientific resources, history, cultural heritage and entertainment.

The Montessori...Read more.

21 Jul 17
Happy 105th Birthday Montessori in Canada!
Bell 1918

105 years ago, on July 18, 1912 the first Montessori school in Baddeck, Nova Scotia (Canada) was established.

Alec (Alexander Bell) heard about Montessori Method in 1912 at one of his Wednesday evenings at which S.S. McClure, founder of the magazine, was a regular guest. The new educational philosophy had instant appeal for him. Within weeks, his wife and his daughter Daisy had visited...Read more.