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16 Jan 17
14th International Montessori Conference in Pelham
Pelham AMI winter

Last weekend January 6-8th, AMI members enjoyed the 14th International Montessori Conference in Pelham, Germany.

The Conference was very successful, opened with a talk by our President Philip O'Brien, and followed by speeches from AMI Trainers: Patricia Wallner, Patricia Spinelli, Renee Classen (Switzerland), Jenny Hoglund, Heidi Philippart, Isabelle Sechaud.

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06 Jan 17
110 Years Since the Opening of the First Casa dei Bambini
Teach Me

Today we celebrate 110 years since the opening of the first Casa dei Bambini “Children House” in San Lorenzo Rome on the 6th January 1907.

This day offers Montessorians the...Read more.