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Montessori Adolescent Programme Inspiration (MAPI)

During the weekend of July 15 – 17 the third transnational project meeting of the project Montessori Adolescent Programme Inspiration (MAPI), financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, took place at Montessoriskolan Lära för Livet in Sätila, Sweden.

The school is the only one in Europe where the Montessori programme for adolescents operates. Some of the school’s alumni were also present which gave the opportunity to see their integration in to further education as well as their community involvement. This meeting was a key meeting for the project partners because it enabled them to see a real life example of a school and farm environment prepared for adolescent activities.  We met with students who took care of us, showed us around the school and the farm and discussed with us their school and out of school projects and activities.

 The AMI/NAMTA Orientation to Adolescent Studies was taking place during our visit. Teachers and school administrators and youth workers from all over Europe are preparing themselves for their next work with adolescents. 14 project participants are taking part in this course.  It was very interesting to meet them all in the adolescent environment and to discuss with them the progress of the course, their experience and feelings, the skills and knowledge they have gained and their future expectations for adolescent work.  Three participants from the Czech Republic will use their knowledge not only in  their own work with adolescents but will also share their experience with  Czech Montessori as well as other interested public audience through a series of workshops, seminars and online blogs.

Last but not least, the project participants met with valued experts on Montessori adolescent work from all over the world.  Guides and teachers that were present at the meeting have lifelong experience with teaching children and adolescents, have established their own schools and are running other educational institutions specializing on work with adolescents. David Kahn, Jenny Höglund, Patricia Pantano and John McNamara are Montessori experts that are not often to be found in one place and we were very lucky and are very grateful to them that they were willing to have discussions with us and help us to create the project outputs.