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Happy 105th Birthday Montessori in Canada!

105 years ago, on July 18, 1912 the first Montessori school in Baddeck, Nova Scotia (Canada) was established.

Alec (Alexander Bell) heard about Montessori Method in 1912 at one of his Wednesday evenings at which S.S. McClure, founder of the magazine, was a regular guest. The new educational philosophy had instant appeal for him. Within weeks, his wife and his daughter Daisy had visited the Tarrytown. They persuaded Roberta Fletcher to open a Montessori school in Washington. That summer, Miss Fletcher joined the Bells to establish the first Montessori school in Canada

The Montessori school in Baddeck had a serious educational purpose, but for the Bell grandchildren it was just another wonderful activity sponsored by “Gammie and Grampie.” The loft of a Beinn Bhreaugh warehouse was given a new coat of whitewash and decorated with potted trees and prints of Norway and Egypt acquired by Mabel on her travels. When the school opened on July 18, 1912, there were twelve pupils: five Grosvenors, two Fairchilds, and five small Nova Scoatians, ‘Little ones from three years of age upwards,’ Mable noted with delight, ‘can experiment with all sorts of things to their hearts’ content, and at their own sweet will.” 

 Thank you for keeping this great work strong and alive.