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Message from AMI's President

For the fourth year in a row, I again leave our Annual Meeting with a sense of awe for what we have been able to accomplish as a movement; and indeed with an enhanced awareness of the opportunities we have to reach even more children. The increased demands from parents, searching for better, indeed optimal educational opportunities for their children, has never been greater, nor more widespread.

With new affiliates, more members, stronger internal and external partnerships and more Montessorians in training than ever before, we are today better able to meet those demands. As André Roberfroid has often said, our success may now be our biggest challenge, as well as our greatest opportunity.

It is humbling, inspiring and energizing to have been nominated by the Board as the President of AMI.

I thank you for the confidence and for the warmth of your welcome to the position.

I look forward to meeting many more of you, seeing and learning more of what you do, and to contributing to the growth of AMI, its capacity, outreach and influence, and indeed to the growth of the wider Montessori movement.