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Montessori Careers

Demand for Montessori education around the world is growing rapidly as governments, educators and parents seeks educational approaches that foster deep knowledge and 21st century skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, problem solving, creativity, analytic-reasoning and effective communication. As a result, there is a high demand for trained Montessori educators.

A Montessori classroom typically has a trained Montessori teacher, known as a Director or Directress, supported by a Montessori assistant. Montessori teachers typically have a normal teacher qualification as well as an additional Montessori specific training. The teacher is a guide or facilitator whose task it is to support the child in his or her process of self-development. They are foremost an observer, unobtrusively yet carefully monitoring each child's development, recognising and interpreting each child's needs. The teacher provides a link between the child and the prepared environment, introducing the child to each piece of equipment when he or she is ready in a precise, clear and enticing way. 

The Montessori assistant’s role is to support the teacher and promote peace and order in the classroom. They value and respect the uniqueness of each child while consistently nurturing and modelling a love of learning. The assistant is a keen observer and is knowledgeable about developmentally appropriate behaviour and practices and supports the individual needs and interests of the children.

Montessori careers are also available in school leadership and administration and in Montessori teacher training. Opportunities also exist for those interested in working to assist children in a variety of different settings through Educateurs sans Frontières.

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