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AMI Membership

Membership in AMI is open to everyone who recognises the value of AMI’s work and wishes to support it. With the help of our members we endeavour to realise Dr Montessori’s ultimate aim: to support the natural development of the human being from birth to maturity enabling children to become the transforming elements of society leading to a harmonious and peaceful world.

Members meet regularly at the annual meeting in Amsterdam and at international and national conferences, and local events organised by national affiliated societies. Members receive an academic journal and direct mailing news bulletins.

AMI membership is an individual membership and is not available to schools, universities, and other educational organisations. We request you not to use the AMI logo (or any other identity material) in any form of publicity or advertisement, including on websites, business cards, leaflets, etc.

Membership Fees

Individual Membership
Fee for one year (Euro 40)
Fee for three years (Euro 115)
Fee for five years (Euro 190, applicable to LIFE membership)

Life Membership
Euro 1100

Join AMI

Pay and register online.

Please note the online form will not submit your payment when using Firefox or Mozilla; therefore, we recommend using a different browser: e.g Safari, Chrome


Download membership application.


Member Benefits

AMIAMI eBulletins
AMIAMI Journal
AMIDiscounted rates are often offered to members at a variety of events worldwide.
AMIBecome part of a worldwide community dedicated to the recognition of the unique nature of childhood, natural human development and the rights of the child.
AMIJoin our efforts to address social and educational problem situations where positive change can be effected through the education of children.