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AMI Journal

Communications 1974/1-2

Evolution and the Child two lectures XXIVth International Course in London in 1939, Maria Montessori
Playing with Numbers, Mari M. Montessori
Science of Education, Claude C. Claremont
Montessori and the Process of Education, M.M. Montessori

Communications 1973/4

The Child and Society, Maria Montessori
The Child's Instinct to Work, Maria Montessori
Two charts: Language Chart; Prepared Paths to Culture, AMI
What brought me to Montessori, Paula Lillard

Communications 1973/1

La Maestra, Maria Montessori
Montessori in Australia, Robert C. Petersen
Operation Solid Cylinders, Muriel Dwyer

Communications 1972/1

Voices from the past ... and the present, Mario M. Montessori
What brought me to Montessori, Conny af Malmborg
Introduction to History (Casa dei Bambini and Cosmic Education], Margaret Stephenson
The Function of History in Cosmic Education, I and II, Maria Teresa Marchetti

Communications 1971/4

The four planes of Education, Maria Montessori
What brought me to Montessori, R. Joosten-Chotzen
Observation, A.M. Joosten
The Contribution of Dr. Montessori to Modern Curriculum Research, AMI
Experiences in a Montessori School, Maria Teresa Marchetti
Rebirth of Dr. Maria Montessori, S. Valitutti

Communications 1970/4

Nazione Unica [Universal Nation], Maria Montessori
The Child is father to the Man - the Psychology of Maria Montessori, Robert E. Buckenmeyer
Tribute to Maria Montessori, Saraladevi Sarabhai
Reports from National Societies, AMI

Communications 1970/2-3

How it all happened, Maria Montessori
The Maria Montessori I knew, Lean Wickramaratne
Helping one - helping all, A.M. Joosten
Report from Tanzania, Muriel J. Dwyer
The Contribution of Dr. Montessori to Modern Curriculum Research, AMI
Impressions of the Centennial Celebrations in Washington D.C., Phyllis Dowd
Re-birth of Dr. Maria Montessori, S. Valitutti

Communications 1969/4

The Underlying Message of Maria Montessori, Mario M. Montessori
Declaration of the rights of the child, AMI
A step forward towards the future, Maria Montessori
Dr. Montessori as I knew her, R. Lakshmi
Dr. Montessori's approach to language in the second phase of the child's development, Mario M. Montessori
Creative Imagination, Anne-Marie Gillet

Communications 1969/2-3

The four planes of Education, Maria Montessori
Art in Montessori Schools, Deirdre Carr
Introductory lecture Study conference on Cosmic Education, Mario Montessori
Gandhi and Montessori, A.M. Joosten
Graduation Bergamo, AMI
The Directress, a student
Montessori and the Butterflies, J. Ewart Smart
Advice for Teachers, Mario M. Montessori

Communications 1968/3-4

Analysis, Maria Montessori
The Two Children, C.A. Claremont
Notes on Life and Experiments in the Junior High School in Bergamo, P. Daina
Farewell Message, H.J. Jordan


The AMI Journal includes articles by Dr Montessori as well as scholarly papers on Montessori and related topics.

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