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Harris, E. M. (2004) – Evaluation of the reorganization of Northboro Elementary School in Palm Beach County, Florida: a ten-year perspective

Research Description

The following is a brief summary of an eleven-year case study of one school and the turn-around that Montessori brought:

  • This study examined an at-risk elementary school from 1991 to 2002.
  • School population was 86% African American, 12% Hispanic, and 2% White or mixed race. (98% on lunch programme).
  • Community decided on Montessori magnet programme and utilised Reading Recovery and a parent involvement programme.
  • Math scores went from a 28% to a 52% pass rate.
  • Parent involvement tripled.
  • School community became more diverse.
  • 91% of all six year olds were reading at or above grade level.

Dissertation, Union Institute and University

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