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Recent Empirical Research on Montessori Education in Germany

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In Communications 2/2008 Harald Ludwig writes on "Recent Empirical Research on Montessori Education in Germany". He explains that 'Empirical studies about concepts of new education have a long tradition. It would be a mistake to think that such studies only resulted from the empirical educational and teaching research dominant in German educational science in recent years. Whereas older studies cannot quite do justice to today's standards of empirical research, we should not simply ignore the knowledge gained from these studies. Besides, from a scientifically theoretical point of view, they can serve as critical correctives to the one-sidedness of today's research methods.'

(...) 'Today we can find in Germany many empirical studies on Montessori education of different quality. A brief impression might be gleaned from an overview of empirical research literature of German speaking countries included in the appendix. While this overview does not claim to be exhaustive, anyone looking for a summarized evaluation of older, yet not outdated empirical studies on Montessori education in Germany, should have a look at the contribution by Reinhard Fischer, published in 1999.'

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