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AMI Staff

Lynne Lawrence - Executive Director

Nico Vasseur - Chief of Staff

Cherry Worthington - Chief Financial Officer

Megan Tyne - Chief Innovation Officer

Ginni Sackett - Director of Pedagogy

Barbara Millington - Senior Administrator Scientific Pedagogy Division

Kasia Goslinksa - Administrator Scientific Pedagogy Division

Eleanor Platt - Administrator Scientific Pedagogy Division 

Judi Orion - Director of Training of Trainers Division

Aisling O’Connell - Coordinator Training of Trainers Programme

Adrian Alcock - Systems & Information Technology 

Candice von der Wehl - Coordinator Membership & Affiliates

Fay Hendriksen - Coordinator Educateurs sans Frontières

Mini Ravi - Project Manager Corner of Hope

Joke Verheul - Publications & Publishing, Archives

Carolina  Montessori - Archivist Maria Montessori Archives

Nina Monfils - Office Management & Maria Montessori House

Boyd Breukers - Administration & Outreach Projects

Roelie Hartwig - International Event Planning Assistant

Ermelinda da Silva Cardoso-Lopes - Household Management