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Carol Guy-James Barratt
Carol Guy-James Barratt is the Senior Technical Advisor with the Peter Hesse Foundation, creating Montessori schools for underprivileged children and coordinating Montessori teacher training in Haiti and Ivory Coast. Born in Trinidad, she completed pre-school and elementary Montessori training at the London Montessori Training Centre. In 1985 she launched a programme to train Montessori teachers and to promote early childhood education in Haiti with the Peter Hesse Foundation. This initiative has grown to a network of schools and teacher training centres throughout Haiti and has made Montessori education accessible to poor communities. She has also trained teachers and teacher trainers in Senegal and South Africa. Her work in early childhood education was recognized by a nomination for the Right Livelihood Award in 1998. Ms Guy-James Barratt has written books and manuals on Montessori teacher training and designed an early childhood exhibit for the World Expo 2000 in Hanover.