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Rukmini Ramachandran

Rukmini Ramachandran holds a Masters in English and the an AMI Montessori Elementary diploma. She took the AMI Montessori Primary diploma course in Mumbai in 1991 worked as Principal of Supraja Montessori School for five years. Subsequently she founded Navadisha Montessori School in 1997 and presently serves as Honorary Director. After completing the AMI Training of Trainers programme in 2004 in London and Toronto she returned to Chennai to begin the AMI Montessori teacher training in Chennai. She is the Founder Trustee and Director of Training of the Navadisha Montessori Foundation. She came into Montessori education with a background in journalism. She started her career as Assistant Editor of a children's monthly. She edited the 1939 Montessori lectures in India into a book entitled Creative Development in the Child. She addresses parent groups regularly, undertakes staff training and mentorship in Montessori schools and works to supports early childhood initiatives in the community. Rukmini serves as the Managing Trustee of the Indian Montessori Foundation and on the congress committee of the 26th international AMI Montessori Congress in Chennai in 2009.